What Is Vest Pocket?

Vest Pocket is a collaborative association of Utah’s locally owned businesses. These businesses lend a unique flavor and a “sense of place” to our communities. They are the small stores, cafes, and professional services businesses that are at the heart of our most cherished neighborhoods.

Vest Pocket is committed to building a stronger independent business community through education, advocacy, and social connections.

The Vest Pocket Philosophy

Vest Pocket business owners value our neighbors, our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate. We believe our lives are much more rewarding when we patronize the locally-owned businesses in our communities. Local, independent businesses:


Keep money in our local economy

Creates More Jobs

Create more jobs here in our local communities

conserve energy

Help the environment by conserving energy and resources


Encourage local entrepreneurship and marketplace diversity


Celebrate the character of our communities

historic buildings

Bring renewed vitality to historic buildings

charitable causes

Increase support of charitable (studies show that Utah’s local businesses donate to community causes at three times the rate of chains)

Why Join Vest Pocket?

By working together, Vest Pocket members have a stronger voice in the community, access to better resources, and a stronger support network.